If Pigs Could Fly (WKPDA I)

If Pigs Could Fly is the first novel in the West Kensington Paranormal Detective Agency series. The series chronicles the story of wannabe paranormal detective Rav Shah, and his sidekicks the Professor, and Jess the Border Collie. It can be found at:

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What Arthur Dent did to SF and Rincewind did to fantasy, Nexus’s Rav Shah does to the paranormal detective conspiraciana genre.

London Social Worker Rav Shah moonlights as a paranormal detective, aided by one of his clients and a Border Collie he rents by the hour. It was supposed to be a bit of fun: a search for truths out there; a quest for a life more interesting than the one that fate, destiny, and personal apathy had granted him.

But then a case involving a Yorkshire farmer stalked by vampire pigs leads him into a world darker and more dangerous than he’d ever dreamed.

The truth is indeed out there. And it’s got Rav square in its sights.

What people are saying about If Pigs Could Fly and Jonny Nexus

“If you liked the Dresden Files but longed for the occasional cup of tea and better manners, or Rivers of London but found the good guys just a bit too competent, then this should be right up your street.”
Steve Dempsey, Goodreads

“Jonny Nexus has a genius for setting his weirdness firmly in Britain, with what feels like first-hand local detail and a marvellous deadpan delivery of Ravinder’s mishaps … With shades of the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovich, classic British humour of the absurd treated logically and consistently, a beautiful Chekov’s Gun moment and liberally peppered with self-aware pop-culture references …”
Becky Ottery, Goodreads

“If P.G. Wodehouse and Terry Pratchett had joined forces and had a literary love-child it would have read something like this.”
Alice Doyle, Amazon

“If you’re feeling a bit lost with no more Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams left to read – then this new tale of a paranormal detective agency might be just the thing.”
Alfie Knox, Amazon