The Sleeping Dragon

The Sleeping Dragon is my third novel. It was published in February 2019 and is available in both ebook and paperback.

* * * * *

On a fantasy world Tolkienesque to the point of cliché, the five greatest adventurers of the age discover that in five hundred years, the Sleeping Dragon will awake and destroy civilisation. But prologue aside, this is not their story. This is a story from a half millennium later, in a world now so utterly transformed by mass-produced magic that it seems heroism itself is rendered obsolete, in which five misfits find themselves tasked with preventing the plague, war, famine, and destruction that the Sleeping Dragon will bring forth. From the towering spires of Empire City to the wild and bleak Eastern Territories, and from the decadence and glamour of Upabove to a final confrontation upon which rests the fate of their world, this is their story.

* * * * *

There is now an entry on Goodreads for the Sleeping Dragon:

Quotes and Reviews


“…this book promises a Tolkien-inspired, Pratchett-esque, science-fantasy tale featuring all of your favourite fantasy character archetypes in a delightfully subversive way.” — A Hidden Jam [link to full review]


“As soon as I finished it, I wanted more. Not just more stories with these characters in this world, but I wanted to make my own character and play on this world. And I wanted to watch it as well – I would love to have this as my next program to binge watch on Netflix. Overall a great book, and I just wish it didn’t have to end.” — Michael Carter [link to full review]



“…very unashamedly aimed at role players, specifically anyone who has ever played D&D or similar … And if Sam Vimes had ever had the opportunity to role play, I’m pretty sure his character would have been called ‘Blade’.” — Paul Moore, Patriot Games Sheffield [link to full review]